The Journey

January 1st 2008, we opened our doors for Wings As Eagles Recovery Center. We started in a motel for 2 months, then moved into a house which had 5 bedrooms. At any one time we would have 10 – 14 men. We also open a 2nd house which had 3 rooms, we eventually closed this house do to finances.

In 2010, God spoke to my heart about quality not quantity and we moved to our current location which when full will have 7 residents. Over the past 9 years we have had to change our program around to adapt to our clients. Our original vision was to reach out to the area of The Kootenays, but to date most of our clients have come from everywhere else except this area.

As of June 2017 we have had over 170 men who have entered our program. Those that graduated are doing well, some of the others are doing Good and some are not doing well at all. Our vision for the future is to purchase the property we are leasing and build a bigger Center to help the need that is out there.