The Journey Thus Far

  • The Vision
    In The Beginning

    Over 20 years ago when I was incarcerated because of my addictions, God reached down into that jail cell and pulled me out and set me upon His rock. It was there that he took the want, desire and need for my addictions away from me, but never took the burden away. During those years he was preparing me for his plan to establish a Christian based Recovery Center. - Pastor Ron Short

  • Stumbling Blocks &
    Stepping Stones

    Just as our clients make advances and retreats in the program to get to their desired destination, so Wings has had progressions and setbacks along the way.

  • The Program
    A Divine 'Do-over'

    Our Mission Statement is to reach those who are bound in Life Controlling Addictions which hinder them from reaching their full Life Potential. Our purpose is to provide:

    • 1. A faith based Recovery House which is designed as a guide to walk with people through the recovery process along the journey to A BETTER WAY OF LIFE.

    •

  • The Convocation

    A single eagle stands majestic on its perch and can soar to great heights. But a convocation (a group of eagles) is a sight to behold. As a unified collective, they are a force to be reconned with.